Victorian Festival 
20th  to 26th August 2018

Llandrindod Wells


Determined, brilliant and romantic, Charlotte tells her story of passion and duty, triumph and tragedy, and above all - love.
Devoted to her strange and unworldly family, Charlotte Brontë was also wildly ambitious. Whilst remaining a self-effacing and dutiful daughter, abiding by all the restrictions of early Victorian life, she managed the incredible feat of becoming a hugely famous novelist. The instant success of Jane Eyre, Shirley and Villette found her mixing with the literary giants of the age.
The joy of literary success was tempered by the scandalous fall of her brother Branwell, and a succession of family disasters. Charlotte's own life, however, had an extraordinary, happy twist at the end.
The Brontë family's story has captivated the imagination for a century and a half. Alison Neil's portrayal of the life of Charlotte Brontë - using many of Charlotte's own words - provides an exceptional theatrical treat.
ACT ONE Running time: 48 minutes
ACT TWO Running time: 58 minutes

Torch Procession, torches and marching band organised by the victorian Festival.
Fire work display sponsored by Llandrindod Town Council